S.S.G. Shipping Services B.V.  is committed to safety and environmental protection in all its activities regarding purchase and delivery of ships spares, machinery and repairs. These activities will be carried out in accordance with the environmental protection and safety applicable standards, regulations and laws.

All employees are expected to support this policy and all will be accountable to:

  • Use ecologically friendly packing materials.
  • Reuse packing and other materials whenever possible.
  • Use energy efficient.
  • Emphasize safety education and safe work practices to minimise injuries and illnesses.

To implement this policy S.S.G. carry out environmental audits and review the environmentally related procedures. The findings would be used for continual improvement of the environmental protection.

  • We 100% Recycle the waste glass.
  • We 100% Recycle the waste paper and carton.
  • We 100% recycle the waste plastic.

According to SOLAS Regulation II-1/3-5, we can assure you that items delivered do not contain asbestos.