November 2012: S.S.G. is ISO14001 certified.

April 2013: S.S.G. is approved Known Consigner according to the European regulations (EU Reg.300/2008 & EU reg. 185/2010) regarding air freight security standards come into full effect April, 29th 2013.
Any company that did not receive approval prior to that date will be classed as a consignor of unsecured freight.

We are pleased to inform you however, that S.S.G. has been granted known consignor€ status under these regulations with reference number NL/KC/00505-00/0418 in the EU database of regulated agents and known consignors€.

Under the EU Regulations, air cargo security can only be achieved by permitting secured€ freight on board the aircraft.

This is achieved if freight consignments are checked before being loaded onto the aircraft or if a secure supply chain is observed.

If there is no approved secure supply chain a mandatory security check will be required.

This will affect the transit time of air freight export shipments and generate extra charges.

By achieving €œknown consignor€ status S.S.G. is certified as part of the secure supply chain. Therefore our deliveries have the statu secured€ freight and for you this will save time and money.